1. Are you Italian?
Yes, I live in Italy.


2. Where does the name "Cimap" come from?
I think my name comes from a software I used to use a long time ago (like 2/3 years?).
The program is called "Cmap" and I added the letter "i". I don't remember why, but I began to use that as a nickname. (weird things happen in the past :P )


3. Where can I see spoilers or news about your channel?
You should really check out my Twitter, that's the place where I tweet.


4. Why did you start creating one commands?
It was quite a long ago. I knew Red (aka
TheRedEngineer) and Gianlu4Free (a youtuber who closed his channel) in January 2015, thanks to comments below this video. Red had like 100 subscribers and me about 20. None of us was "popular" or nothing.
Initially the idea was creating a parkour map together (SECRET OLD VIDEO:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=06NQhFqPTFk), but the only thing we got done, was just the lobby of the map. :P
During that time we talked a lot (and we still do it today) and after 1 month Red released his first one command creation (
He told me about it in a skype call, and convinced me to make them too. And, I said why not?

5. What's the music that you used in that video?
The music's title is always listed in the description of the video.


6. What's your IGN?
Simply "cimap"


7. How do you have a custom cape?
I got my minecraft cape by donating to the optifine mod. More info here:


8. I wrote in a comment my ideas that you could create in one command, why aren't you answering me?!
Please, if you want to submit an idea, use the form on my website, don't write them in the comments, because I receive a lot of them, and it's easier to me review the ideas there.


9. Can I use your commands in my minecraft project?
Yes you're allowed to use my commands in your project, as long as you give credit to me.


10. Your command doesn't work, it made my server crash, etc...
Here there's a video for you:


11. What editing/recording software do you use?
I use Bandicam to record, and Adobe Premiere to edit my videos :)


12. Say "Hello" to me!!
Hello, nice user!

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