Hi! I’m Cimap

a Minecraft Bedrock map developer.

I manage every process of map-making myself. I build structures and design environments, code command blocks, create marketing art, video trailer. Pretty much every step in the creation of high-quality content.

I design Minecraft experiences. But most importantly, I love what I do.


Behavior Packs

I work with behavior files: Entities, Animation Controllers (for event detection), Functions, Items and Recipes.

Command Mechanics

I’ve been using commands since 2015. I started with Java, now I work primarily in Bedrock Edition.

Level Design

From paper to Minecraft. I use World Painter and World Edit to make my ideas come to life.

3D Models

I know the basics of 3D modeling and texturing.


I sometimes do skin textures as well!

Key Art and Trailer

I also do all marketing art for my maps, from the key art renders to the video trailer.

Software I Use

VSCode (BP and RP editing)
Adobe Photoshop
World Edit / World Painter

My Story Highlights

December 1, 2014

Starting from zero.

I knew nothing about building or programming for Minecraft.

December 1, 2014
January 10, 2015

A curious teenager.

I opened my Youtube Channel at the age of 13. The first videos were about building.

January 10, 2015
April 1, 2015

My favourite Minecraft Block

I started studing how command blocks worked.

April 1, 2015
August 1, 2015

“One Command” Creations

I started coding One Command creations: you add something new with only one command! At the time there were no generators, only Notepad++!

August 1, 2015
September 13, 2015


I opened this blog to share what I made with command blocks.

September 13, 2015
November 4, 2018

More than 60 commands released!

Over 4 years I released over 60 Minecraft command creations for free!

November 4, 2018
April 2, 2019

First Map Published

Soccer” multiplayer minigame: my first publication with Pathway Studios on the Minecraft marketplace.

April 2, 2019
May 10, 2019

First Skin Pack

The Undeads” was my first attempt at making skins, and I loved it!

May 10, 2019
February 28, 2021

Many more Maps!

I made more works for the Minecraft marketplace. And more are coming in the future!

February 28, 2021

Let’s get in touch! 🚀

I may be interested in commissioned work or job offers, contact me on Discord, via email, or on any of the socials below. (You can find the email address for business inquiries on my YouTube channel about page)