Minecraft Maps I made

Here are my Minecraft Marketplace maps. I curate every aspect in the making of a Minecraft map. Read more…

PowerCraft Key Art


The village is highly technological! Generate power with water and wind turbines, solar panels and coal generators. Use the electricity produced to plant and harvest …
minecraft waterbending


You were born with a special skill: water bending! Explore a huge ice world and learn how to bend the element. Fight with water jets, …
Outdoor Furniture Minecraft

Outdoor Furniture

Can you decorate for an outdoor banquet? A backyard barbecue? Put your decorating skills to the test in this exterior designer’s dream survival map!
Firebending in Minecraft

Firebending in Minecraft

You’ll be taught by the great masters who first learned how to manipulate the element, train to learn new skills, then fight in the mob …
Minecraft Basketball

Basketball in Minecraft

Play a competitive Minecraft Basketball mini-game! 🏀 Get this Minecraft map and start a match just like in real life: make two teams and chose a …

What players say

I get a lot of feedback on my maps and that means a lot to me! 😍
Thank you for all the kind comments and also for the suggestions you give me! There’s always room for improvement 😊

Minecraft Maps Comments

About Cimap Minecraft Creations

Cimap Minecraft Skin


Hello there I’m Cimap! You may know me for my YouTube channel: I make Minecraft creations and everything command related such as:


    I first started making one command creations since I was very young. I made over 60 one commands and best of all I enjoyed it! Over the years I have acquired plenty of knowledge and I became really experienced in Minecraft commands.
  • MAPS

    In 2018 I started making maps for the Minecraft Marketplace, such as Soccer. Take a look at my maps here.

    I’ve also made several HD skin packs such as The Undeads, Soccer Player Skins and Monster School. You can find them in the skin pack section.

    Recently I’ve realized my command block knowledge could be more valuable if shared with others. So I decided to make Minecraft command block tutorials, to empower others to discover the wonderful world I became passionate about. Go to my tutorial section to know more.