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Working Guns

I created this one command which adds working GUNS with realistic bullet physics to Minecraft 1.12.

Self Building House

A self building house that takes only 40 seconds to build, for those who are not good at making houses in Minecraft!

Go to the Moon

Craft your space shuttle, your space helmet and fly to the moon where you will find rich ores that you can mine!

Send me your idea!

You've got an idea for a video? tell me!

Do you want to help Cimap making more content? Well, a really big help can be given just by submitting an idea.

Whatever it is a command or not does not matter, but it needs to be:

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Doable in minecraft

If the submission meets both the criteria it's more likely to be realized.

Cimap Activating a Command Bock Rig. One command block with redstone.

About Me

I'm a youtuber and i create minecraft ONE commands

Hello there! My name is Cimap and I am a youtuber who is making minecraft videos and command tutorials, discovering the most fascinating side of the popular game Minecraft!

By creating one command creations I allow gamers to add new features to the game and extend its possibilities.

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