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Firebending in Minecraft

Firebending in Minecraft

In this map, I made Firebending combat moves in Minecraft!

That’s right, you’ll be able to make fireballs, firewalls, fire circles and also produce lightning. ⚡
Find the mob arena where you can fight hordes of mobs 🧟‍♂️ and advance in your firebending. 🔥

BONUS: How I made the Game

Before showing you how to use and get firebending, I’d like to share with you how I make these games for Minecraft.

Here’s a cool video that goes through every step of map development:

Enter the portal to start your firebending adventure.


Learn Firebending

The map has dialogues and a little story, so you’ll have to follow what the villagers say.
Right away after you go out of the starter house, on the right you’ll find a big square with the temple. Inside, talk to the fire sages who will pass you down the art of firebending. Enter the temple go up the stairs, on the top, there’s the eternal flame that firstly originated from the dragons. Talk to great fire sage and step onto the diamond block.

You are now a beginner fire bender.

By now, you’re able to produce and strike a fireball. That is enough to kill mobs and fight, but if you talk to the ferryman, it will bring you to the village island.
There, you will find the mob arena where you can fight hordes of mobs and advance your firebending!

If you want to try the map yourself and discover the rest of the world you can buy it on the Minecraft marketplace and support this channel. Thank you!

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