PowerCraft Key Art


The village is highly technological! Generate power with water and wind turbines, solar panels and coal generators. Use the electricity […]

Coloring Skyblock Key Art

Coloring Skyblock

Skyblock has lost its color, and it’s up to you to restore it!

minecraft playsound list

Minecraft Playsound List

Are you are making a map or mini-game? Or any Minecraft command creation? Certainly, you want to populate it with […]

minecraft waterbending


You were born with a special skill: water bending! Explore a huge ice world and learn how to bend the element. Fight with water jets, ice shards and control others with telekinesis!

Outdoor Furniture Minecraft

Outdoor Furniture

Can you decorate for an outdoor banquet? A backyard barbecue? Put your decorating skills to the test in this exterior designer’s dream survival map!

Firebending in Minecraft

Firebending in Minecraft

You’ll be taught by the great masters who first learned how to manipulate the element, train to learn new skills, then fight in the mob arena or against your friends!

Minecraft Basketball

Basketball in Minecraft

Play a competitive Minecraft Basketball mini-game! 🏀 Get this Minecraft map and start a match just like in real life: […]

minecraft particle trails command

Particle Trail Commands for Minecraft

With the Minecraft particle command, you can create really cool particle trails, you leave when walking. Awesome particle effects for […]

Minecraft Particle Command: The ultimate guide

With the particle command, you can generate particle effects in Minecraft. Particles are useful to immerse the player in the […]

Ant-sized Adventure Marketplace

See the world as an ant, Ant-Sized Adventure Map

Are you a fan of the giant zombie in Minecraft? Dive into a new adventure map: a mad scientist accidentally […]

Coronavirus in Minecraft

Coronavirus in Minecraft

Let’s explore a small MCPE addon that adds Coronavirus to Minecraft. Seems like the virus quickly infects you and villagers!Protect […]

Monster School Skins

Monster School Skins

Halloween is just around the corner and the monsters have woken up from their graves. Meet them now that everyone […]

Halloween Minecraft Skins

Halloween Minecraft Skins | The most spooky costumes

Ready to dress up for Halloween? Get the most spooky and scary Halloween Minecraft Skins just in time for October […]

how to get command blocks in minecraft

How to get Command Blocks in Minecraft

Check out other tutorials! Now that you know how to get command blocks Minecraft Bedrock, you can take a look […]

How to teleport in Minecraft PE tutorial

How to teleport in Minecraft PE: tutorial for beginners

In this command tutorial, we’ll cover how to teleport in Minecraft PE aka Bedrock using the /tp command. Command to […]

Minecraft Soccer Minigame

Soccer in Minecraft

Play soccer (or is it football?) with some friends for a match as your favorite footballer!Choose among 3 different soccer […]

Fortnite Scar Gun in Minecraft

Fortnite Gun Scar in Minecraft

The most powerful rifle from Fortnite in mcpe: the SCAR! How to get working gun in Minecraft pocket edition to […]

How to make circles in Minecraft: raycasting

Today we are going to showcase the new snapshot for Minecraft 1.13 and how to make circles and guns in […]