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Coloring Skyblock

Coloring Skyblock Key Art

Skyblock has lost its color, and it’s up to you to restore it! You’re not in this alone though—a mad scientist has created a machine that can help in exchange for your assistance in tackling a variety of quests!

– A unique survival spawn ready for you to bring it to life!

– Watch the world change in real time as you progress

Convert XP into bottles that can paint the world.

Parts of world colored and the rest is white.

Parts of world colored and the rest is white.

Complete all the challenges!

White Skyblock

White skyblock island.

Many white skyblock island.

Many white skyblock islands.

This creation was made for Minecraft Bedrock Edition
What is Minecraft Bedrock?

It works on:iOS AndroidXboxWindows 10 EditionNintendo SwitchPlay Station

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