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Basketball in Minecraft

Minecraft Basketball

Play a competitive Minecraft Basketball mini-game! πŸ€

Get this Minecraft map and start a match just like in real life: make two teams and chose a basketball court.

It’s sports time! After Soccer in Minecraft, here’s Basketball. Grab some friends, play together, or even in single-player. There are no limits!

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3D Models

3D ball and basket models are fully animated.

Unique Basketball Courts

Select a team and chose a unique basketball court for a challenging game experience.

Lucky Blocks!

Every now and then, lucky blocks will spawn at the center of the court. Activate them and give an advantage to your team!


Dress like a pro basketball player, this world includes 4 skins.

How to shoot the ball

In the map lobby, posters like this will show you everything you need to know, but let’s do a quick summary.

  1. Hold the basketball in your hand.
  2. Aim. (You’ll notice you’ll have to adjust the aim a little bit, just like when you throw snowballs or ender pearls)
  3. Right-click if you’re on PC or long-tap your screen on mobile devices.

The picture below shows how to make a basket, guaranteed! 😁

Block other players and steal the ball

Someone in the opposite team has the ball. How can you take it?

Use the item and block him out!
He’ll get a strong slowness effect and a cloud of red smoke. When he’s in the cloud, walk through him to steal the ball. Done, it’s yours!

  1. Hold the “Block-Out” item (the white circle with the red cross)
  2. Right-click if you’re on PC or long-tap your screen on mobile devices.
  3. All players nearby (2-3 blocks distant from you) will get blocked, and won’t be able to move.

Download Minecraft Basketball

I guess now you just wanna start playing! 🀩

Get Basketball for Minecraft Bedrock: check if your version is compatible, and click the green button below!

This creation was made for Minecraft Bedrock Edition
What is Minecraft Bedrock?

It works on:iOS AndroidXboxWindows 10 EditionNintendo SwitchPlay Station

BONUS: Cheat code

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Follow this tutorial and learn how to strike lightning to other players in a basketball match!⚑️

I’m sure you’ll have fun with thisπŸ”₯

Here’s the link: https://www.instagram.com/p/CDWqT4bBgdo/

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