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Minecraft Particle Command: The ultimate guide


With the particle command, you can generate particle effects in Minecraft. Particles are useful to immerse the player in the game, but are purely decorative.

You cannot interact with them, like punching them, and they won’t do anything to you. Particles are just visuals! (and cool)

How to use the particle command in Minecraft Java?

/particle [pos] [delta] [speed] [count] [force|normal] [player]
Find a complete particle name list in this guide. An example command: /particle explosion_emitter ~10 ~ ~

How to use the particle command in Minecraft Bedrock?

/particle [count] [mode] [player] [params]
Find a complete particle name list in this guide. An example command: /particle minecraft:huge_explosion_emitter ~10 ~ ~

Particle Trails Command

With the Minecraft particle command, you can create really cool particle trails, you leave when walking. Awesome particle effects for multiplayer servers!

Minecraft Particle List

Here’s a complete list of all the particles to use in the <name> parameter of the particle command. The credit of the images goes to the Minecraft wiki contributors.

Java Edition
Particle Name
Bedrock Edition
Particle Name
ambient_entity_effect minecraft:mobspell_emitter Particle mobSpellAmbient.png
angry_villager minecraft:villager_angry Particle angryVillager.png
barrier ? Particle barrier.png
block minecraft:breaking_item_icon Particle blockcrack.png
- blockdust
bubble basic_bubble_particle_manual Particle bubble.png
bubble_column_up minecraft:bubble_column_up_particle Particle bubble column up.png
bubble_pop minecraft:bubble_column_particle Particle bubble pop.png
campfire_cosy_smoke minecraft:campfire_smoke_particle Campfire cosy smoke.png
campfire_signal_smoke minecraft:campfire_tall_smoke_particle Campfire Signal Smoke.png
cloud minecraft:water_evaporation_bucket_emitter Particle explode.png
composter minecraft:villager_happy Composter Particle.png
crit minecraft:critical_hit_emitter Particle crit.png
current_down minecraft:bubble_column_down_particle Particle current down.png
damage_indicator Particle damageIndicator.png
dolphin minecraft:dolphin_move_particle Particle dolphin.png
dragon_breath minecraft:dragon_breath_trail (or) minecraft:dragon_breath_lingering Particle dragonbreath.png
dripping_honey   Dripping Honey.png
dripping_lava driplava Particle dripLava.png
dripping_water dripwater Particle dripWater.png
dust minecraft:redstone_wire_dust_particle Particle reddust.png
effect minecraft:splash_spell_emitter Particle spell.png
elder_guardian Particle mobappearance.png
enchant enchantingtable Particle enchantmenttable.png
enchanted_hit Particle magicCrit.png
end_rod minecraft:endrod (?) Particle endRod.png
entity_effect minecraft:evoker_spell Particle mobSpell.png
explosion minecraft:large_explosion Particle largeexplode.png
explosion_emitter minecraft:huge_explosion_emitter Particle hugeexplosion.png
falling_dust minecraft:falling_dust_red_sand_particle, minecraft:falling_dust_sand_particle, minecraft:falling_dust_gravel_particle, minecraft:falling_dust_top_snow_particle, minecraft:falling_dust_dragon_egg_particle, minecraft:falling_dust_concrete_particle, minecraft:falling_dust_scaffolding_particle Particle unstable gravel.png
falling_honey   Falling Honey.png
falling_lava minecraft:lava_drip_particle Falling Lava.png
falling_nectar   Falling Nectar.png
falling_water water_splash_particle Falling Water.png
firework minecraft:sparkler_emitter Particle fireworksSpark.png
fishing minecraft:water_wake_particle Particle wake.png
flame minecraft:basic_flame_particle Particle flame.png
flash ? Flash Particle.png
happy_villager minecraft:villager_happy Particle happyVillager.png
heart minecraft:heart_particle Particle heart.png
instant_effect minecraft:mobspell_emitter Particle instantSpell.png
item minecraft:breaking_item_icon Particle iconcrack.png
item_slime ? Particle slime.png
item_snowball ? Particle snowballpoof.png
landing_honey   Landing Honey.png
landing_lava ? Landing Lava.png
large_smoke minecraft:water_evaporation_actor_emitter Particle largesmoke.png
lava minecraft:lava_particle Particle lava.png
minecraft:mobflame_emitter Skeleton burning in sunlight.png
mycelium minecraft:mycelium_dust_particle Particle townaura.png
nautilus nautilus NautilusParticle.png
note note Particle note.png
poof explode Particle cloud.png
portal minecraft:mob_portal Particle portal.png
rain rainsplash Particle droplet.png
smoke smoke Particle smoke.png
sneeze Particle sneeze.png
soul Particle soul.png
spit Particle spit.png
splash watersplash Particle splash.png
squid_ink ink Particle squid ink.png
sweep_attack Particle sweepAttack.png
totem_of_undying minecraft:totem_particle Particle talisman.png
underwater Particle suspended.png
witch witchspell Particle witchMagic.png

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