minecraft playsound list

Minecraft Playsound List

Are you are making a map or mini-game? Or any Minecraft command creation? Certainly, you want to populate it with […]

Minecraft Bedrock – How to test if a player is holding an item

Use the following selector: /testfor @a[hasitem={item=diamond_pickaxe,location=slot.weapon.mainhand}]

10 Tools I use for Minecraft Bedrock Map Making

The best tools to get started with your first Minecraft map You are new to Minecraft Mapmaking and you don’t […]

Minecraft Enchantments and command generator

The list of all the enchantments and how to enchant an item such as a pickaxe with the enchant command. […]

scoreboard operation minecraft

Scoreboard Operation Tutorial

Doing operations with Minecraft command block is essential when making maps. Comparing numbers, multiplication, and division are common in game […]

How to install Minecraft Data Packs

This is a simple tutorial on how to install Minecraft Data Packs. Datapacks, introduced in Minecraft 1.13, are a kind […]

How to install Minecraft Maps

Well, you downloaded a really cool Minecraft map (that’s what I do here), but how do you install it? Stick […]

minecraft color codes

Minecraft Color Codes for Commands

Use Minecraft color codes to get colored world names, colored server names, colored signs or even colored messages in command […]

Minecraft Particle Command: The ultimate guide

With the particle command, you can generate particle effects in Minecraft. Particles are useful to immerse the player in the […]

Coronavirus in Minecraft

Coronavirus in Minecraft

Let’s explore a small MCPE addon that adds Coronavirus to Minecraft. Seems like the virus quickly infects you and villagers!Protect […]

how to get command blocks in minecraft

How to get Command Blocks in Minecraft

Check out other tutorials! Now that you know how to get command blocks Minecraft Bedrock, you can take a look […]

How to teleport in Minecraft PE tutorial

How to teleport in Minecraft PE: tutorial for beginners

In this command tutorial, we’ll cover how to teleport in Minecraft PE aka Bedrock using the /tp command. Command to […]

Minecraft Bedrock Homescreen

Minecraft Java and Bedrock: what is the difference?

What is Minecraft Bedrock and what is Minecraft Java? Is it the same game? Well, looking it externally they seem […]

How to make circles in Minecraft: raycasting

Today we are going to showcase the new snapshot for Minecraft 1.13 and how to make circles and guns in […]