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How to install Minecraft Maps


Well, you downloaded a really cool Minecraft map (that’s what I do here), but how do you install it? Stick with me in this step by step guide.

Time needed: 5 minutes.

How to install Minecraft Maps for Minecraft Java. Any version of the game.

  1. Open File Explorer

    Open any folder you want, or search “File Explorer” in start.windows file explorer

  2. Paste this into the directory bar

    Put your cursor in the directory bar and paste %appdata%\.minecraft\saves to automatically go into the Minecraft saves folder.
    minecraft saves folder

  3. Extract the map (if needed)

    If the file you downloaded is .zip, which is really common, you need to extract it. Right-click on the file and select Extract All. If you have 7-Zip you can use it to extract the files.
    extract the minecraft map

  4. Move the folder to saves

    You should now have an uncompressed folder. Move it to the saves folder we opened before.move minecraft world to saves

  5. Enjoy the map!

    You can now play the map. Close and open Minecraft, and you will find the map in your worlds!minecraft worlds

How to install Minecraft PE maps (or Windows 10)?

In Minecraft PE (Bedrock) it’s really easy! Just open the .mcworld file and it will be automatically installed.

I am a Minecraft map creator!

Hey there, my name is Cimap and I make Minecraft maps and commands!

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