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Pirate Cannon Mod – Minecraft 2020

pirate cannon mod minecraft

Yo ho ho command lovers! Today you wanna learn some piracy, right?…ARRRRGGH! 🏴‍☠️

This datapack adds a working cannon in Minecraft! Build it, get ammo, aim and destroy other ships!

PIRATE CANNON in Minecraft! no mods

How to use:

Build the cannon

Create a cannon by throwing gunpowder and an iron block on the top of blackstone stairs.
Make sure the stairs are in the correct direction. But don’t worry, you can always break the stairs and get everything back.

⚠️ You cannot place cannons too near each other. There must be a distance of at least 3.6 blocks between one cannon to another. ⚠️

How to fire

Throw TNT on the back part of your cannon to shoot a ball. The ball flies until it touches a block, then it blows up.

Download the cannon datapack

This creation was made for Minecraft Java Edition version 1.16
What is Minecraft Java?

It does not work on: iOS Android Xbox Windows 10 Edition Nintendo Switch Play Station


This command was originally made by me in August 2017 but was kindly updated to Minecraft 1.16 by one_nose and requested by Bruce on my discord server. Thanks a lot!

His video:

Pirate Cannon Remake
One_nose’s video

Click the button below to download the datapack:

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